Thank you for visiting my legislative website. It is an honor to represent the 26th Legislative District in the state House of Representatives. My job is to listen, act, and be an effective voice for you on the issues we all care about, especially education, jobs and technology, healthcare, and fiscal responsibility.

It is critical that we begin to prioritize. For example, when you’re sitting at the table going over your household budget, you don’t prioritize going to the movies above putting gas in your car or food on the table. Government needs to prioritize, too, and begin to demonstrate it can be a faithful steward of our resources.

Far too often in politics, there’s too much Republican vs. Democrat rhetoric that takes the focus off the crucial things we need to do to be efficient. Please know in every aspect of my public service to you, I will look to rise above such pettiness, because I believe that real experience transcends partisan politics.

Together, let’s get this done!

Rep. Jesse Young
R-Gig Harbor
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My Priorities

Protecting our communities and standing up for our first responders

I am a member of the House Public Safety Committee. My primary focus of the 2022 legislative session was public safety, including protecting our communities and standing up for our first responders. Republicans offered public safety solutions in their Safe Washington Plan, but Democrats largely ignored the proposals. Majority party policies have made it easier for bad actors to commit crimes, and it’s putting everyone at greater risk.

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Fighting against tax increases and for tax relief

As a member of the House Finance Committee and Tax Structure Work Group, I have fought against tax increases. I have also fought for tax relief. With a $15 billion budget surplus entering the 2022 legislative session, the Legislature had an opportunity to help ease the financial burdens of Washingtonians. Republicans offered several tax relief proposals. Unfortunately, Democrats passed a supplemental operating budget with no real tax relief and passed a transportation package with new fees.

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Reining in the governor’s emergency powers authority

For two years, Republicans have pushed for legislation that would rein in the governor’s emergency powers authority. While some of these bills had bipartisan support, Democrat leadership would not allow any bill to pass. We must restore balance in our state government. I will continue to fight for emergency powers reform.

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Providing transparency in our education system

I serve on the House Children, Youth and Families Committee. It is important that we empower parents so they can help their children succeed in school. One way to do this is through transparency in our education system. As families recover from the pandemic and school shutdowns, parents need to know what’s going on in their children’s classrooms and what decisions are being made by their school boards. I also support school choice and have co-sponsored such legislation.

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Rep. Young honors Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Meet Jesse Young

Jesse Young represents the 26th District and was unanimously appointed by Democrats and Republicans to the House in 2014. He went on to earn a full term after winning the 2014 election, and has been re-elected by voters every election since. With unrivaled attention to detail, Jesse brings an...

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