Rep. Jesse Young votes for budget that funds education and protects taxpayers

Rep. Jesse Young, R-Gig Harbor, voted in favor of a bipartisan operating budget for the 2015-17 biennium and released the following statement:

“Tonight, I'm happy to report we voted to fund education, support students and teachers, and support our disabled veterans while protecting the interests of taxpayers and promoting fiscal responsibility. The 2015-17 operating budget proves we can meet the needs of Washingtonians and live within our means. Throughout the legislative session, we heard time and time again from the House majority party and governor we must tax capital gains income, carbon emissions, and bottled water to balance the budget. Six months later, I am proud to say we did the hard work of prioritizing spending and showed these taxes weren't needed. Through true fiscal responsibility, we were able to make historic investments in education, reduce college tuition, fund teacher COLAs, increase funding for mental health services and protect the rainy day fund.

“The 2015-17 budget balances over the next four years, does not rely on new taxes, and makes a historic investment in K-12 education. It is fiscally responsible and puts Washington on solid footing for future biennia,” he said.

The budget will now move to the governor for his signature.


Washington State House Republican Communications