Rep. Jesse Young introduces “Teaching Freedom” legislation

Rep. Jesse Young, R-Gig Harbor introduced legislation to reform the school assessment process to focus on teaching and learning rather than students' performance on standardize tests.

“A high quality education must inspire students' natural curiosity and support their desire to grow and learn. Over the past twenty years, more and more time has been taken from classroom instruction where lively, engaging, and challenging teaching and learning happen and focused more on standardized testing,” said Young. “What's more, most of the results of these endless evaluations are never returned to teachers in time for them to take any meaningful action as their students have already moved on.”

HB 2670 is supported by the Washington Education Association (WEA) who reached out to Rep. Young for his continued efforts to curb the out-of-control, top down mandates being piled upon teachers and students.

“This is how Olympia is supposed to work!” said Young. “It's amazing how much common ground you can find when you're just willing to listen. This bill would promote respect for the professional judgment of our teachers who are trained and hired to assess our students on a daily basis and who know our students strengths and weaknesses. We want our students to be motivated and engaged in their educational learning and not bogged down by a system that forces them to take test after test with no real time to actually learn.”

Young's proposal would support students' rights to a quality education free from overemphasis on standardized testing and promotes assessments directed by teachers in the classroom fostering a challenging and engaging learning environment.


Washington State House Republican Communications