Rep. Jesse Young’s eco-friendly legislation getting another look

Legislator: Rep. Jesse Young
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Keeping Washington green is becoming a full-time job for lawmakers in Olympia. One legislator, Representative Jesse Young from Gig Harbor, is targeting greenhouse gas emissions.  And his bill--which is getting another look by House lawmakers Thursday--not only requires the Department of Ecology to meet federal standards, it directs the agency to make its plans on greenhouse gas emissions understandable for everyone. Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson:  The ‘green’ legislation would require the DOE to come up with a state plan to comply with federal requirements relating to greenhouse gas emissions.  Young, a  Republican, says the bill stays away from personal agendas and focuses on satisfying the feds while keeping power bills affordable.

Member: “It really tries to steer clear of the politics of, “if you like coal, or if you like nuclear, or if you like wind or solar, this doesn’t speak to that.  It says honor the diversity that we have and at the same time, let’s measure it this way so that we can get the benefit for the state and ratepayers.”

Johnson: The Republican lawmaker from Gig Harbor says its critical that the DOE create a plan that is transparent for the public.  And he says it must strike a balance that will protect business in Washington and ratepayers alike.  Lawmakers plan to again review House Bill 2506 on Thursday.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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