Rep. Jesse Young on political purgatory and the wild west in Olympia

Rep. Jesse Young, R-Gig Harbor, got frank with KLFE about the environment, body cams on law enforcement, geek bills, and the one place in Olympia that could potentially be labeled as purgatory.  The lawmaker said that he has deliberately sought out service positions involving technology and the environment and has found that there appears to be a great deal of open space to work in a bipartisan way when it comes to these so called pieces of 'geek' legislation.  In order to best serve the committees upon which he serves, Young took time off from his job in a high tech field in order to conduct research directly applicable to legislation he later introduced in the House.

Young also talked with KLFE about a victory in the House as lawmakers voted on House Bill 2362, which pertains to body cams on law enforcers.  The Gig Harbor resident called the entire issue the 'wild west' of Washington, an unsettled and underdeveloped crossroads in state law, where few regulations are in place to protect the public as well as police departments, cities and counties.  Young introduced an amendment to HB 2362 that limits the use of body cams for officers entering a home where no active crime is being committed.  Initially, the Speaker of the House called for a voice vote, and almost immediately declared the amendment 'failed.'  However, lawmakers requested a roll call and it became clear that the amendment had passed.  Young called it a victory.

And the lawmaker did not stop there.  He also discussed homelessness and poverty at great length.  As a child, he was often without a bed of his own or a place to call home.  He experienced hunger on a regular basis.  Young's take on the issue of poverty and the future of homelessness in Washington is a must listen.


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