Thousands of motorists would be affected by Young’s persistence

Legislator: Rep. Jesse Young
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When it comes to tolls, the question asked by many commuters is 'when will it end.'  For the thousands that travel the Narrows Bridge in Tacoma, relief may soon be on the way.  Ruth Johnson reports from Olympia.

Johnson: Enough is enough, says Representative Jesse Young.  The Republican lawmaker from Gig Harbor has crafted a measure that would forestall the need for an upcoming toll increase on the Narrows Bridge.  He brought it up as fellow lawmakers prepared to vote on the supplemental transportation budget.

Young: “I’m happy to stand before you and support this amendment which I believe really is a solution to resolving and providing relief to a problem that many toll commuters face that go across the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.” 

Johnson:  Young, who worked closely with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to get the amendment to the floor, had a list of bipartisan ‘thank-you’s’ longer than any acceptance speech at the Oscars.  But motorists In Tacoma, overwhelmed by the tolls, may give Young an award if his amendment and the supplemental transportation budget make it through the Senate intact.

Ruth Johnson, Olympia.


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