Governor signs Young’s Penlight easement legislation

A bill sponsored by Rep. Jesse Young to protect utility ratepayers was signed into law on Thursday by Gov. Jay Inslee. House Bill 2457 will carve out a narrow exemption on a negotiated easement with an electric utility. When a property goes into foreclosure status, the current process affects the electric utility infrastructure on that property. If a lien is placed on a property, a renegotiation of the easement typically takes place. In the case of utilities, this can potentially put ratepayers who live beyond that easement at risk of having their services interrupted.

Young says his bill benefits thousands of ratepayers across the state.

“The cumulative effect of dealing with issues like this can cause rates to rise. My bill simultaneously protects the infrastructure we depend upon, especially in rural areas, while also helping to keep rates low,” said Young, R-Gig Harbor. “The Peninsula Light Company (Penlight), and its leadership, has been a model of excellence in our community. It was a pleasure to work on and support this legislation.”

“We were able to bring a local, industry-wide issue to Rep. Young, who investigated  the current process on recorded interests in easements and created a necessary simple fix for our utility infrastructure without putting ratepayers at risk,” said McLean. “We appreciate his leadership, hard work and dedication to finding this solution for us.”

Young's bill will go into effect later this year.

Rep. Young's bill on recorded interests in easements is signed into law by Gov. Jay Inslee


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