Rep. Jesse Young stands up for tax relief against Sound Transit 3

During recent House floor debate on HB 2201, Rep. Jesse Young, R-Gig Harbor, stood up for tax relief against Sound Transit 3 (ST3).

“The ST3 car tab increase is hurting us all,” said Young. “Even if you're not personally impacted, like the 26th District, you likely know someone who is. These fees are hurting our hardworking taxpayers and action needs to be taken. After taking heat for their defense of these massive increases, the House majority party is now soft-serving a response so they can claim something was done. HB 2201 is a watered-down bill that does not provide the needed relief for those people deeply impacted by this tax increase. I stand behind all taxpayers in our state. We need to provide real relief, not a watered-down solution.”


Washington State House Republican Communications