Rep. Jesse Young to serve on House Finance Committee

Rep. Jesse Young, R-Gig Harbor, has been appointed by House Republican leadership to serve on the House Finance Committee.  An official letter of appointment from the state Speaker of the House confirmed the appointment.

“I am excited for the opportunity to serve on this committee,” said Young.  “Since being appointed to the Legislature in 2014, one of my top priorities has been, and continues to be, fiscal responsibility.  I believe solving the financial issues on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge has opened the door for this significant appointment. As a member on this important financial committee, I now have a voice at the table to ensure the policies we put forward for broader budget items are fiscally prudent and beneficial to both the taxpayer and the state.”

The House Finance Committee considers issues relating to state and local revenues, such as increases or decreases in taxes, exemptions from taxes and changes in the administration of taxation.

“I hear from constituents on a daily basis who are living paycheck to paycheck.  While the economy is rebounding, they continue to scrimp and save, haven't fully recovered personally, and are in no position to have more of their income taken in the form of new taxes,” continued Young.  “Equally important is the need to strategically position Washington state for job growth in a very competitive global economy.  As a voice on this committee, I will fight for fiscal responsibility, strategic growth, and lower taxes.”

Young also serves on the House Transportation; Commerce and Gaming; and Technology and Economic Development Committees.


Washington State House Republican Communications