Rep. Jesse Young speaks out against new proposed B&O tax

Rep. Jesse Young, R-Gig Harbor, gives a passionate speech regarding Senate Bill 6492, which would increase the B&O tax on service businesses, especially medical care facilities that serve Medicare and Medicaid dependent families, to fund college scholarships. The Senate introduced this bill on Jan. 20 and fast-tracked it to the House. The bill is intended to fix House Bill 2158 from last year. That bill imposed a tax increase of .3 percent on certain business that rely heavily on a highly educated workforce, including independent medical practices.

The problem is, democrat legislators who passed that bill underestimated how much revenue the tax would bring in. Now they’ve introduced new legislation (SB 6492) to make up for the shortfall. But this new bill is likely to hurt the same individuals and families it claims to be helping. Watch the video to learn why Rep. Young opposes this bill.


Washington State House Republican Communications