Rep. Young calls on Governor Inslee to fix ESD or step aside!

Rep. Jesse Young, R-Gig Harbor, released the following statement today, calling on Governor Inslee to take action or step down, after another security breach at the Employment Security Department:

February 1st, 2021

Dear Washington State citizens,

Another, NEW Employment Security Department security breach has just been exposed:  Breach 2021.

The ESD oversees the issuance of unemployment payments to families struggling with loss of income and this second epic failure is beyond compare and any reasonable allowance for incompetence. 

As you know, this is not the first major breach.

The first breach, revealed this past summer, involved the state being scammed out of over $500 million (half a BILLION dollars) by a Nigerian fraud ring! That stolen money was intended for out-of-work Washington families struggling with COVID restrictions, and the loss led to many having to go without any financial support and generally being ignored by an embarrassed ESD as the Governor refused to address the issue or call the legislature back into session to allocate more money for these families.

Now, within a year's time, we are learning of a second major security breach AND that it comes on the heels of Governor Inslee supporting the promotion of the person in charge of these failures to a position in the Biden administration! 

Predictably, they are trying to pin the blame on a “vendor”, but speaking as a technology professional with decades of experience in this very arena, such spin is street garbage of the worst stench!

Make no mistake, this uncorrected two-step failure is directly impacting struggling families and the ultimate person responsible was just “promoted” by our Governor.

I honestly don't know which is worse: the publicly blatant indifference or the sheer incompetence.

Governor Inslee, your epic failures are hurting our families in the worst way and it is time to quit playing political games with the positions you hire and oversee. As a Washington State Representative, I am calling on you to transparently, before both the press and the Legislature, begin the process of bringing qualified, competent leadership to ESD, OR resign immediately and let the Lt Governor do so.

Jesse L. Young
State Representative, 26th District
Washington State Legislature


Washington State House Republican Communications