Two Rep. Young bills take big step closer to becoming law

Two pieces of legislation from Rep. Jesse Young are headed to the governor's desk after they both passed out of the Senate, Saturday.

House Bill 1314 – providing more health care options for veterans

The Senate unanimously approved this bill, which would require a facility to inquire about a person's veteran's status after arrival in a behavioral health facility and coordinate with Veterans Health Administration (VHA) facilities if the person is a veteran or eligible for veteran's services.

Many veterans find themselves involved in the complicated involuntarily commitment system in facilities that do not understand the behavioral health options available through the federal VHA. There is a possibility to divert veterans from the involuntary treatment system if the dedicated crisis responder can coordinate with other facilities.

“House Bill 1314 is about helping veterans and giving them options,” said Rep. Young, R-Gig Harbor. “We should do anything we can to help our veterans receive the proper care from the facility of their choice.”

House Bill 1296providing for health and economic recovery

Additionally, House Bill 1296 passed with overwhelming bipartisan support. This bill would allow health or social welfare organizations to take a B&O tax deduction on amounts received as compensation for providing mental health services or substance use disorder treatment services under a government-funded program.

“We know this is a proven economic tool that works, and to provide it now shows that we're being responsible to the needs of the health pandemic we have in front of us,” said Young.

The bill would allow a B&O tax deduction on the money received from the state for the distribution to a health or social welfare organization that is also eligible for the deduction.

“Both of these bills would improve our state's overall health care efforts, and I look forward to seeing them signed by the governor,” added Young.

The two bills now await the governor's signature to become law.

The 105-day 2021 legislative session began Jan. 11 and is scheduled to end on April 25.


Washington State House Republican Communications