Reps. Young and Walsh demand immediate repeal of L&I’s rule-making order

Jesse Young, R-Gig Harbor and Jim Walsh, R-Aberdeen, sent a letter to the governor
yesterday demanding an immediate repeal of the Washington Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) rulemaking order, WSR-22-05-097 (WSR), adopted last week.

The letter was a follow up to a similar letter sent to the governor from Young and Walsh in October, after L&I filed an emergency rulemaking package with the Office of the Code Reviser (OCR). The governor never responded to that letter, which also called for him to immediately repeal the emergency rulemaking package implemented by L&I.

The letter from the lawmakers, which is attached below, challenges a proposed L&I emergency rule that extends temporary authority for L&I to enforce the governor’s various COVID-related proclamations against businesses operating in Washington state.